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The 24th Harbin Seed Industry Expo ended successfully

2019-10-12 20:01 查看()
The 24th Harbin Seed Industry Expo and Harbin International New Fertilizer Exhibition / Harbin Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Exhibition in 2018 ended on November 8th. To the delight of the organizing committee, as expected, this year’s exhibition has achieved four breakthroughs in terms of number of visitors, on-site trading volume and on-site visual satisfaction compared with previous sessions. 

Nearly 170,000 visitors · achieving breakthroughs compared with previous sessions 

According to the admission records of the registration office, the total number of visitors was about 168,700 during the three days, among which, the number of professional visitors in Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning and Inner Mongolia was more than 130,000, and the number of Russian far east purchase group was more than 10,000, creating a new high in history. 

1200+ exhibitors • achieving breakthroughs compared with previous sessions 

The exhibition scale of this exhibition has been upgraded again, with an actual exhibition scale exceeding 70000 square meters and the number of enterprises participating in exhibition and sales exceeding 1200. Exhibitors not only have a significant increase in the number, but also have more extensive brand scale, national and regional radiation. Harbin Seed Industry Expo has become the most influential seed industry and agricultural materials professional exhibition in China. 

Participation satisfaction • achieving breakthroughs compared with previous sessions 

This year’s exhibition has set up four exhibition areas of field seeds, vegetable seeds, pesticides and fertilizers and agricultural machinery, realizing the coverage of the whole industrial chain, and establishing a one-stop agricultural materials procurement platform for dealers, large planters, farmers’ cooperatives and other professional audience groups. According to 20,000 satisfaction survey reports on the site, the audience’s praise for this year’s exhibition has also been greatly improved. 

On-site trading volume • achieving breakthroughs compared with previous sessions 

During the three-day exhibition period, the on-site trading in seven exhibition areas of A/B/C/E/G/H was extremely hot. According to incomplete statistics, the overall trading volume has far exceeded that of the previous sessions. As the largest professional exhibition of seed industry and agricultural materials in China, it attracts a large number of dealers, large planters and farmers’ cooperatives from the four northeastern provinces and even all over the country for the exhibition and trading every year. Before this year’s exhibition, the organizing committee has made a key invitation for professional visitors from four provinces in Heilongjiang, Jilin and Liaoning, laying a solid foundation for the breakthrough in the trading volume.